How We Started



Forty women attended the first pre-charter meeting of a new Madison Federated Woman’s Club in August 1971.   The stimulus for the meeting came as members of the Junior Woman’s Club of Madison approached their 40th birthdays, which was the upper age limit for Junior Woman’s Club membership, motivating them to establish a new club for women age 40 years and older.

Metropolitan Woman’s Club Charter GFWC-Wisconsin Federation of Woman’s Clubs – January 1972

The new Federated Woman’s Club was officially named the Metropolitan Woman’s Club in October 1971 by 88 charter members. Marlyn Dicken Sachtjen, who had been named temporary chairman at the September pre-charter gathering, was then elected as the first president. Membership in the club was open to women 40 years of age or older or women who had been a member of another federated club for 10 years.

On January 17, 1972, the Metropolitan Woman’s Club received a charter from the *GFWC-Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs (WFWC). Metropolitan Woman’s Club members were very active in the WFWC, receiving several achievement awards for community program contributions and improvements.

In 1989-90, Metropolitan Woman’s Club members voted to continue their efforts as a nonprofit, community service organization independent of WFWC.