Our First President

Marlyn Dicken Sachtjen

Marlyn Dicken Sachtjen (1925-2012) was a founding charter member and the first president of the Metropolitan Woman’s Club. She received the Theodore Youman’s Citizenship Award in 1981, which is the highest award given by the *GFWC-Wisconsin Federation of Women’s Clubs. It was presented for her work in preserving native prairie and restoring other prairie gardens on the property that she and her husband owned that overlooks the Cherokee Marsh in Madison, WI. Her outstanding qualifications were highlighted in exerts from the entry form submitted for this prestigious citizenship award.

Marlyn Sachtjen (center) receives the Theodora Youman’s Citizenship Award

Exerts from the entry form for Theodora Youman’s Citizenship Award – March 26, 1981:

The many personal qualities of Marlyn Sachtjen, which have motivated and directed her charitable contributions through the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, make “Unity in Diversity” (the motto of GFWC) a fact as well as an ideal. Her effort and achievements in many fields for more than twenty years deserve to be recorded with honor.

The radiant record of her vision and dynamic actions is the story of a woman at work in the world. It is the story of a woman of burgeoning maturity whose sense of direction and courage to act, unite members and community leaders in friendship, dedicated study and worthy project-program promotion…It is a personification of one statement from “A Collect for Women” by Mary Stewart, 1904…”Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straightforward and unafraid” and her goal –to keep growing, inwardly and reaching outwardly.

Marlyn Sachtjen

Our Plea
Is for the strength to keep striving

Our Purpose
To stay involved with our surroundings

Our Prayer
That our grandchildren bless us because we tried