Scholarship Recipient



MWC and the Scholarship Committee were pleased to award the 2019-20 scholarship to Tasha McKenzie.  Tasha completed her GED in 2001 at the Omega School and the Odyssey Project. In 2003, she returned to school at MATC, now Madison College.  There she was encouraged not to pursue her educational goals because she did not have the support system needed to be successful. With those discouraging words, Tasha persisted in pursuing her education. In 2015, she transferred to Edgewood College to complete a degree in Organizational Behavioral Leadership.  She is on track to graduate from Edgewood College in the fall on 2021.  She stated that “slow and steady is what works best”. During her educational journey, she has continued to balance her education with work and raising two daughters.  Her references describe her as a quick learner with excellent communication skills. She is described as driven and committed to her personal goals and those of her work team.  We wish her the very best as she continues to pursue her dream.